In 2007 our founder, Leigh Ramsey, traveled to Cambodia with these words written in permanent marker upon her forearm:

“To succumb to the enormity
of the problem is to fail the one.”


These words are a quote by Shanon Cohn Wu, one of the Vice-Presidents at International Justice Mission. The ‘one’ that Shanon refers to in this quote is the 'one girl sold', the 'one girl kidnapped' and the 'one girl deceived'. If Leigh allowed herself to be overwhelmed and deterred by the how big, horrific and seemingly endless of the problem of sex trafficking and exploitation is then she would being deterred from helping those 'one girl[s]'. While there are millions of girls victimised every day and the problem of exploitation can seem overwhelming, making a difference is about having a commitment to face that problem because of those ‘ones’. It is those words that capture the heart of what was to be the SHE Rescue Home. This is why we say you may never see her face, or know her name… but she matters; because we believe in helping the 'one'.


Just days into her trip to Cambodia, one young girl ran up to her pleading,

"My friend, my friend — she's 10. Two men, mother and father sell. You come and help me, please!"

It was in that moment she made a decision - she would not fail the one child standing in front of her.

Together we've been making that same decision since 2008 when the doors of the SHE Rescue Home opened and our operations to come against the reality of human trafficking began.

Since that day, IT'S NOT OK (INO) has grown to become many Projects fighting to see lives restored and the reality of human trafficking, injustice, & cycles of poverty end in our lifetime.

Our projects exist to restore, educate, equip, and provide hope to the oppressed, the vulnerable, the impoverished, and the at-risk.

We exist that together we may see women healed, loved, and empowered to be self sustaining change makers for themselves, their families, and generations to come.

We believe fighting the injustice against girls today is paramount for building a better and stronger world to come - and while the landscape of injustice is vast, the ability to tangibly and successfully change the lives of girls and their families one by one will forever be our fuel.