SHE Transition HOME


GIRLS in our Care

Our SHE Transition Home is a semi-independent home for girls 16 years and up, who have gone through our SHE Rescue Home, survived exploitation, at risk of sexual exploitation, or in need of greater opportunities for their future.

Support we provide

Here, girls are provided the care they need and properly resourced to receive education and vocational training they wouldn’t otherwise have access to in far away provinces. SHE Transition is a safe place where vulnerabilities are replaced with opportunities, and girls have room to grow into healthy, self-sustaining women!

How you can help

You can help support the girls in our SHE transition home, by giving to education. We use these funds to help support these girls through their education or vocational journey.

The greatest threat to being trafficked in our world today is a lack of education; education disrupts cycles of poverty and provides opportunity for more.

Give to education