You Built A Home & Changed A Family

*Yara, a young girl, arrived into our care after experiencing sexual exploitation in her own community. At the time of her exploitation her two younger sisters, herself, and her father were living in a dilapidated home that had collapsed and had no proper walls remaining. This proved to be a massive threat to Yara and her sisters safety and very devastatingly ended in the exploitation she experienced. 

Chaya: Case Closed

Chaya’s* case has officially been closed, which is the goal for every girl who has been through our care and reintegrated.

To close a case means that she has reached full sustainability and no longer needs our services— this is incredible, and exactly what we spend years working towards. 

Travel To New Zealand With Us

Our Founder, Leigh Ramsey, is leading a group through New Zealand on the gorgeous and picturesque Otago Rail Trail March 24-29, 2019. This will be a 5 day bike ride fit for all skill levels (electric bikes available to make it nice & easy!) in order to raise funds and awareness on behalf of our work coming against the injustice of human trafficking in our world today. 

11 Year Old Now Safe

Just recently we welcomed 11 year old Nalen* into our care— a survivor of sexual exploitation who was rescued and brought into safety in June, and was just recently referred to us— as our SHE Rescue Home has the ability to offer her the services and resources she needs to reach full healing and build a future of freedom and hope

Justice Is Served

Malis* arrived into our care at just 11 years old after being sexually exploited in her own community. Prior to her arrival she never had true safety, as her parents lived far away in order to find work, and she was born without proper documentation preventing her from ever attending school and receiving a proper education. 

New SHE Project

Our newest project has launched! One of the greatest risks to being trafficked is lack of education, or having a safe place to live while obtaining an education. Our newest project, SHE Transition Home, is a semi-independent safe haven for girls 16+  who are in need of greater opportunities to build for their future.

Defeating All Odds

Sokha* arrived into the care of the SHE Rescue Home pregnant as a result of sexual exploitation.  Her perpetrator lived near to her family, and often threatened them to drop the court case. She arrived timid, unable to read or write, possessed little education, and was filled with hopelessness as an all too young, single mother-to-be. 

Beauty From Ashes

About ten years ago, not long after the SHE Rescue Home opened, our team in Cambodia learned of two young girls who were being repeatedly exploited while their mother was away at work. Thankfully, our team was able to intervene and these sisters, who were just 10 and 12 years old at the time, were able to enter the care of our home to find safety and every restorative service necessary to see them fully healed and provided real hope for their future.

The One

It was 10 years ago our co-founders learned of the reality of human trafficking in our world today and decided to do something about it. They took it upon themselves to venture to Southeast Asia, where they knew it was prevalent. Each day as they prepared to head out into the city and face the many scenes of heartache, injustice, and hopelessness they would pause to do one thing— take a marker, and across their forearms, they’d write: To succumb to the enormity of the problem is to fail the one.

But Why "HER"?

HER stands for “Home Employment Response,” and is our very response in order to bring hope and freedom to a generation in need. Through our HER Initiative, families of survivors, and survivors (when old enough), are provided education, vocational training, and dignified employment from the safety of their own home.

Srey Roth

By the age of 12, Srey Roth* had been sexually exploited by a village neighbour & soon after came to the SHE Rescue Home. After a year in our home, Srey is no longer suicidal or self-harming, and is looking forward to completing her schooling for a better future.