“To succumb to the enormity of the problem is to fail the one.

SHE Rescue Home

SHE Rescue Home

The SHE Rescue Home exists as a safe haven for girls up to 16 years of age who have survived trafficking, rape, prostitution, sexual exploitation, or are at risk.


SHE: (Shaping Her Eternity)

We provide a high security, safe home for survivors of sexual exploitation up to 16 years of age. A home where girls may find healing, wholeness, support, love, and reclaim a sense of childlike innocence.

We work closely with each survivor approaching healing holistically— tending to their heart, body, and mind.

We focus on healing and education, and we make room for play— allowing every survivor to be exactly what they are: a child.


Our goal for every survivor is successful reintegration back with their family and community, and we walk alongside each family for up to three years following reintegration to ensure it is one of safety and success.

Due to the severity of poverty and vulnerability often found within families and communities of Cambodia, and because poverty is the number one threat leading to human trafficking in our world today, we created the HER (Home Employment Response) Initiative.


The HER Initiative project is designed to intersect & redirect cycles of generational poverty by providing families of survivors with vocational training, financial management education, safe employment, and competitive wages from the safety of their own homes.

As a result, families are finding sustainability, their children are staying in school, and we now have, as a result, a product line of over 70 handmade goods that are sold around the world and inviting so many into a story that matters.

Visit our shop to check out handmade goods directly fighting cycles lending to trafficking.

The One

The One

But Why "HER"?

But Why "HER"?