“To succumb to the enormity of the problem is to fail the one.

But Why "HER"?

But Why "HER"?

Our founding and largest project to date is our SHE Rescue Home, a safe haven for young survivors up to 16 years of age who have been trafficked, raped, prostituted, or are at risk of these things. Our home, affectionately referred to as the “SHE Home” is a place where innocence can be reclaimed, lives may be restored, and joy experienced despite unthinkable trauma. It’s a safe place, and “SHE” a declaration we love:

Shaping her earth to shape her eternity.

Shortly after opening our SHE Home with a goal of reintegrating every young survivor back to their home, we learned that there is much to be done across a landscape of poverty in order to ensure survivors are not only provided safety, but may live sustainably in safety.

The greatest vulnerabilities to being trafficking in our world today are lack of education and poverty.

These factors have one thing in common: they pave way for great vulnerability— a necessary prelude for traffickers, pimps, and perpetrators to prey upon. For these reasons, we quickly learned we could not safely reintegrate a survivor home if vulnerabilities were present.  Most prominently, lack of vocational or skill training and lack of employment are factors preyed upon. Without financial sustainability families are subject to loan sharks when the unforeseen occurs and they’re in need of funds— paving way for unthinkable debt and life-threatening danger for an already vulnerable family.

It’s often this level of poverty and vulnerability traffickers prey upon, positioning trafficking as an exciting  “job” for a member of their family; one that will bring them finance, hope, and a future. It is very rarely (hardly ever) evil or malice that leads a family to let their daughter or a family member step into a trafficking situation, and it’s almost always desperation, vulnerability, and lack of education.

For this reason, we established our HER Initiative.

HER stands for “Home Employment Response,” and is our very response in order to bring hope and freedom to a generation in need.

Through our HER Initiative, families of survivors, and survivors (when old enough), are provided education, vocational training, and dignified employment from the safety of their own home.

This affords mothers to stay near to their kids eliminating the vulnerability of little to no supervision among children, and allows them to safely work in order to never rely upon loan sharks or dangerous opportunities positioned as “hope.” This also allows our team the ability to educate families and communities on the cycles of poverty injustice pries upon, and to do our part to eliminate all risks.

Through our HER Initiative we’ve been able to reach and impact thousands of individuals all across Cambodia. Single mothers have been given hope, families have been restored, and survivors have been provided a restored sense of purpose and dignity as they learn to make something with their own hands.

Today we have a product line of over 70 handmade goods deriving from our heart to see families kept safe and survivors able to return to their family. It’s a story that matters because the lives of these young girls and their families matter.

How You Can Help

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SHE Rescue Home

SHE Rescue Home

Srey Roth

Srey Roth