“To succumb to the enormity of the problem is to fail the one.

Chandara, Ratha's* Daughter



3 yrs




Playing Games





One lovely evening in April 2017, we had a party for Ratha*, Chandara’s* mother, to celebrate her reintegration. Reintegration is no small feat for a young girl with such a traumatic history, and we’re so excited by this pivotal and marking moment of success in her life. The staff and girls in the home came together to celebrate Ratha* and this new chapter in her life; there were games, fun activities, and visible support and love behind her. Ratha* was presented with her blue box and gifts to help make her transition as seamless and easy as possible. She will be living in a transitional women’s home and we’re so grateful that together we could help equip her as she was given: a fan for the home, shelf for her clothes, mattress, pillow, long pillow, blanket, a rice cooker, pots, pans, a gas tank with a cooker, plates, bowls, and utensils.

When Ratha* came to live in our home in 2015 she was pregnant as a result of sexual exploitation, and just four months after her arrival she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl – Chandara*. We’re grateful and moved by the progress we’ve witnessed in this precious life and that of her baby. For the past two years in our care, Ratha* attended courses on parenting skills, healthy relationship building, and self-esteem and confidence development. In addition to this, she was able to work closely and intimately with her counsellor. Ratha* struggled with dealing with her emotions in an appropriate manner, often taking frustration out on her baby, and struggled to bond with her baby altogether. Through the support of her social worker, counsellor, and the housemums, Ratha* has greatly improved her parenting skills. While living in the SHE Rescue Home, Ratha* also attended training at an upscale café where she learned culinary and hospitality skills. She graduated from their program, and today, rides her bicycle to and from work displaying a great deal of responsibility as she maintains her job at the upscale cafe to this day.

Ratha* has grown in her maturity and confidence, and has recently recognised she cannot properly care for Chandara* the way she deserves or provide her the stability, safety, and love that she needs. In realising this, Ratha* began speaking with us, and requested that we help her locate a suitable foster family for her daughter that could better equip her for a healthy and hope-filled future. Ratha’s* social worker was able to partner with another NGO to facilitate placement for Chandara* into a loving foster home, and we’re confident it’s a healthy change for both families. Ratha* will continue visiting her daughter.

*names changed for privacy