“To succumb to the enormity of the problem is to fail the one.

Srey Roth*



16 yrs






Until 2021






Sour Soup with
Banana Flour



Srey Roth* arrived to the SHE Rescue Home in January of 2015 when she was 13 years old after being sexually exploited in her community. Initially she displayed a lot of sexualised behaviour, however, through consistent work with her counsellor regarding sexual health, puberty, and healthy relationships her behaviour greatly improved. During her time with us she has built deep, meaningful relationships with the other girls in the home as well as with her classmates.

Srey Roth* bravely testified against her perpetrator while in our care and was provided necessary psychological and emotional support by her social worker and counsellor throughout the entire process. Her social worker has also worked closely with her family to assist her parents in resolving issues of domestic violence and alcohol abuse. Her parents have worked very hard and we can proudly share her father is no longer drinking and the violence associated with his past drinking habits have stopped. Her family also desperately needed a new home, as theirs was beyond repair and lacked safety for her and her siblings. So, in November of 2016 we were able to provide the family with a new home. We also supported the family in their decision to farm their land and today they grow rice and a variety of vegetables. 

When Srey Roth* started attending school she was years behind other students her age. After being enrolled in an educational program to help her catch up, along with receiving support from our teacher on staff, she has absolutely excelled in her studies and remains successful today! Srey Roth* loves school and hopes to continue her studies so she can one day fulfill her dream of becoming a social worker.

This month, we celebrated Srey Roth* being able to rejoin her family with a lot of games and cake! The party was full of joy, laughter, and a little sadness, as she will be greatly missed. Srey Roth* has bloomed into a loving, smart, quick witted young woman. She has been a natural leader and mentor in the home, providing the younger girls with guidance and helping girls who were just arriving to feel welcomed and safe. She was sent home with fun items such as clothes and some makeup to play with, and everything she will need to succeed in school!

We are excited for Srey Roth* and for her season ahead as she heads home to be in the loving care and support of her family. With the perpetrator behind bars and her family restored, we are confident she will continue to thrive and grow under their care. Her family supports Srey Roth’s* desire to continue her education and want her to one day have a degree from a university. Knowing their community does not have the ability to provide her with a high education, her parents have worked with her social worker to enrol Srey Roth* in a school within the city that is equipped with dorms that will provide her with an opportunity to live there during semesters and continue her education.

Over the next three years we plan to provide support to her family as needed and will continue to support her educational needs while she is in school. Her counsellor plans to continue providing her with counselling and emotional support while she adjusts and settles into this next stage in her journey and we are all very excited to see where this next chapter in her life leads her!  

*names changed for privacy