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Pharin* came to the SHE Rescue Home in 2014 at just 13 years old after being sexually exploited in her provincial village. Her perpetrator was convicted, but was only sentenced to 1 year in prison. Her father works in the army for a living and her mother is often sick and unable to work. Pharin* is the youngest of 4, and is closest with her older brother who recently moved home from Thailand in order to help look after Pharin*.

While Pharin* was in our care she attended school, which helped provide life skills training and allowed for the opportunity to better understand herself and the realm of possibilities for her future. Her time with us has significantly helped her understand how she’d like to spend her future, and after completing her training with the school, Pharin* began an internship at a 5-star hotel which she successfully completed. These opportunities have lent to significant growth for Pharin*, who is today a confident, self-assured young woman. Additionally, she has cultivated a sense of independence and responsibility through her time and experiences here that will remain invaluable for her future.

In November 2017, all the girls of the SHE Home came together to celebrate Pharin* as she prepared to transition from our care back to her home in the province. The girls enjoyed silly games such as relay races, costume contests, and even an Oreo cookie challenge. While everyone was excited for Pharin*, it was with tears and great sadness the girls said goodbye. Pharin’s* kindness and generosity made her an overwhelmingly positive impact on the home, and she was a friend to every girl who came into our care. Pharin* reintegrated with her bicycle, a bicycle pump, new clothes, a cellphone, and an mp3 player she earned for good behaviour in our rewards program. Additionally, she was reintegrated with her blue box; a box full of necessities, and fun items for every girl such as makeup and earrings!

Today, she is safely back with her family in the province, and her family is overjoyed to have her home with them once again. Her family has displayed their commitment to keeping her safe, and is actively building a fence around their property in order to provide improved security. Additionally, her brother has returned from Thailand and is working close to home in order to support and be present for Pharin*. He has already helped secure a job for her at a local shop near their home!

Over the next three years Pharin’s* social worker will meet with her and her family regularly in order to provide necessary support. She will also receive regular phone calls from her counsellor, and counselling sessions will be made available as needed. 

*names changed for privacy


Chandara, Ratha's* Daughter