SHE REscue Home Project



Every girl in our home is given the gift of education. Our goal is that every girl would reach a minimum of a Year 6 level.


We are able to send the girls who are interested in sewing, to a Sewing Centre which provides them with a sense of purpose and income.


Each girl within SHE Rescue Home has regular contact with a counsellor and social worker. These are essential relationships in their healing and restoration journeys.

Family Support


Our homes

We provide a loving and nurturing home for survivors of sexual exploitation, where they can start their healing journey in a safe and secure place. Our home has room to support 25 girls.

At our home, we provide leisure activities such as: music, dance, art and life skills training at hour home. As well as a schoolroom, beauty room, sewing room and counselling rooms. These are places where girls can practice their vocational skills, complete homework, help each other and journey towards hope and healing.

There is a large front yard where the girls love to ride their bikes, play games and hold many loud and hilarious games of volleyball. At the rear of the property is a large covered dining area where the girls help the House Mothers prepare meals and enjoy the community of eating together, which is the Khmer culture.

Girls in Care

At our home and through our project, we receive girls from all kinds of backgrounds.

  1. Rescued

    We receive girls that have been rescued from other anti-trafficking organisations within Cambodia that have been or are at risk of sexual exploitation

  2. Trafficked

    Although illegal, sometimes it’s the family who tries to sell their daughter for financial gain.

  3. Raped

    There has been a noticeable increase in the rape of young children, particularly 6-12 year olds who are many times raped by boys who are minors themselves.

  4. Prostitution

    In many cases prostituted girls are working against their own will being managed by a pimp or trafficker, potentially enduring harsh control mechanisms such as abuse or violence.

  5. Prevention

    In recent years, prevention and education in poor rural areas has been a priority in other organizations working within Cambodia.


Whilst the girls are living at our home, we provide them with the opportunity, as long as it is safe to do so, for family visitations.

Once a girl has been reintegrated back to her family, we continue to support her financially and emotionally through a minimum transition period of three years. Our social worker continues to visit with her and assesses the family situation and the girl’s safety. We assist the family by continuing to pay for her education, which decreases the chances of her being re-trafficked and empowers her for her future. Each girl gets sent home with a bicycle and mobile phone, so that she can ride to her local school and has a way of keeping in contact with her social worker about any concerns. We also help families in great need with rice and food on family visits where needed.