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Our projects exist to restore, educate, equip, and provide hope to the oppressed, the vulnerable, the impoverished, and the at-risk.


We exist that together we may see INDIVIDUALS of all ages healed, loved, and empowered to be self-sustaining change-makers for themselves, their families, and generations to come.


Restoring Lives

Providing safety & care


These projects exist to restore exploited lives through safety, education, restoration, and reintegration— building a renewed future for a generation to come.


Preventing Injustice

Providing hope & a future


These projects exist to prevent the cycles of generational poverty by replacing vulnerabilities with opportunities for hope— such as jobs and income for families.



Restoring LIVES, PROJECT 01:

SHE Rescue Home

The SHE (Shaping Her Earth) Rescue Home exists as a safe haven for girls up to 16 years of age who have survived trafficking, rape, prostitution, sexual exploitation, or are at risk.

A home where girls may find healing, wholeness, support, love, and reclaim a sense of childlike innocence.

Our goal for every survivor is successful reintegration back with their family and community. We work alongside each family for minimum of three years following reintegration to ensure it is one of safety and success. To find out more visit sherescuehome.org



SHE Rescue Home
Community Based Care

Restoring LIVES, PROJECT 02:

Community-Based Care

Community-Based Care is designed for survivors of trafficking, rape, prostitution, or sexual exploitation who are able to remain in the safety of their home and receive the services of the SHE Rescue Home— such as social work, counseling, and education support.


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Restoring LIVES, PROJECT 03:

SHE Transition Home

One of the greatest vulnerabilities to being trafficking is a lack of education. Our SHE Transition Home is a semi-independent safe haven for girls 16 and up who have gone through our SHE Rescue Home, survived exploitation, or are at risk / in need of greater opportunities to build for their future.

Here, girls are provided the care they need and properly resourced to receive education and vocational training they wouldn’t otherwise have access to in far away provinces. SHE Transition is a safe place where vulnerabilities are replaced with opportunities, and girls have room to grow into healthy, self-sustaining women!

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SHE Transition Home
HER Initiative


HER Initiative

HER (Home Employment Response) Initiative was designed to equip families of survivors with vocational training, financial management education, and safe, dignified employment so girls may safely reintegrate into sustainable homes.

82% of survivors are successfully reintegrated back home with families made self-sustainable and financially free through our HER Initiative. This model is successfully disrupting and rerouting cycles of generational poverty, affording families the ability to reclaim a sense of hope and dignity.

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SHE Sewing Centre

The SHE Sewing Centre is built to equip survivors and those at risk with vocational training and safe employment, and to prevent injustice altogether by opening doors of opportunity for a generation to come.

The sewing centre provides a place to employ girls from the SHE Rescue Home to produce products for our marketplace and custom orders for businesses around the globe.

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SHE Sewing Centre